Ombre pomme

Pays d'Auge AOC VSOP Busnel Calvados - Magnum





Busnel Calvados Pays d'Auge AOC VSOP is a blend of different Calvados Pays d'Auge, aged for at least 4 years in oak barrels. Sold with case.


Colour : slightly amber and brilliant,
Nose : soft attack, melted blend of ripe apples and toasted, toasted notes 
Palate : round with notes of cinnamon and ripe fruit, cooked 
Final : elegant and round length with spicy aromas


As an aperitif : serve neat or with a little water or ice, in cocktails (Apple mojito, or mixed with Tonic, Ginger Ale, etc.)
In gastronomy : frozen desserts (e.g. trou normand), pastries or flambés
As a digestif : serve neat at room temperature (about 20°C).